Case Study - Electronama

1. THE Goals

  • Increase product sales.
  • Increase wholesale clientele.
  • List products on Google shopping platform.
  • Track product search and sales attribution.


With little to no web presence, the challenge to increase and track sales was not the issue. The bulk of the challenge was focusing on updating a product list and distributing products across multiple channels and the web site.

Sales were conducted through a single third-party sales channel that provided limited product management capabilities that made it difficult for the client to update data and product images. It seemed like a walk in the park for a company like Itrends. However, the biggest challenge was to integrate their existing inventory management system with the website and onto a centralized distribution platform that could easily update products across multiple shopping channels


The strategy was to develop an intermediary software system that would enable us to extrapolate data from their local inventory system into a new product inventory system that is used to manage and distribute data across multiple channels. Once the product data and images were consolidated into that platform, it enable the client to review and update the products using automated tools to help speed up the process.

Two comprehensive marketing plans were developed - one for retail sales and the other to acquire additional wholesale clients. Products were distributed across multiple channels and their website. The marketing plans included SEO, a Pay-per-Click strategy, Social Media Advertising, an affiliate marketing system, email marketing and host of other services. Sales increased by over 400 percent, operations efficiency increased to 98% including a decrease in product returns and over customer service calls.


THE Goals

  • Increase product sales..
  • Increase wholesale clientele.
  • List products on Google.
  • Track product search and sales.

THE results


Increase in
Gross Revenue


Increase in


Increase in
Sales Volume


Decrease in
Support Calls

“Our products are everywhere online. Our sales continue to increase. Customer service calls have decreased. I can't recommend a better company.”

Francois Pradel - COO

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