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Our Process

When you hire us to design your logo, we take on a tactical approach that ensures we deliver to the expectation of our client.

1) Tell Us about Your Business

Learning about your products, services, process, customers, plans and future strategies enables to develop the forward-thinking strategies to ensure our goals our aligned.

2) Let’s Discuss Design

Tell us what colors matter most to you. Show us examples of logos and brands that you love.

3) Delivering Draft Logos

We provide you with a number of drafts or sketches to ensure we are on the right track. If not, with your feedback we normally get it right the first time around.

4) Unlimited Revisions

Whether you feel we are close to completion or far from your vision, we continuing providing with the drafts until we get it right. We usually get a few designers involved to ensure we have a good mix of styles from our artists.

5) Deliverables

Once you approve the final design, we deliver it to you in multiple formats that you can use online and on print materials. We also provide you with the original files in case you want to modify it in the future.

All materials are yours and you own the rights to the design and all items included in the logo.

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Includes icon, text, tag lines and any additional art as instructed.

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Multiple Designers
  • Includes Icon Design
  • Multiple Format Delivery
  • You Own the Rights
  • 24-Hour Turnaround Available
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Only $499.00

Unlimited Revisions

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