Social Media Advertising

Generate more customers with Social Media Advertising. Advertise on the channel of your choice. Campaigns are affordable and effective. What’s more, you can reach a highly-targeted audience. You are always in control of how and when your advertising campaigns run.


Social Media Advertising Services

Target Customers with precision. Choose locations, age, interests, topics, income and more.

Show your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snap Chat and more. With Social Media, you can advertise what you offer disruptively with Ads or engage with audiences informatively with videos and content. Social media offers affordable and insightful advertising opportunities.

With Itrends as your marketing company, you’ll come to expect a Return on Your Advertising spend and that’s whether you are looking for leads, customers, subscribers, viewers or more.

Pay only for results.

The process of getting started is simple. After your purchase, you will receive a call from one of our Social Media Advertising experts to go over the following:

1) Business and Goals overview
2) Targeted Audience and Scheduling the advertising campaigns
3) Discuss recommendations
4) Review the ads
5) What to expect when the campaigns start


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