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For a long time, advertisement has been associated with television, but social media platforms are becoming popular now. More and more people are switching over to the Internet for entertainment. YouTube has become the place for visual entertainment and has also been called the new TV.

Hence, if it has been named the new television, where are the ads associated with it?

YouTube has a huge viewership. Almost around one billion hours of viewing per day. That’s equivalent to 100,000 years, more than the entire human history combined!  In a single day!

Along with its viewership, YouTube ads are also a lot more accessible than conventional advertisements on television. A company does not have to pay a lot of money; instead, it pays pennies for each view it gets, that also if the ad is viewed for more than thirty seconds (or the whole ad if the ad is less than 30 seconds). With YouTube advertisement, you can be sure that the right audience views your ads without breaking the bank.

How YouTube Advertising works

Google offers several different advertising options on YouTube: TrueView InStream ads,  TrueView video discovery ads, and bumper ads.

Let us see how each type works:

  • Trueview Instream ads: These are the most common type of Youtube ads. They start playing right before a video plays and gives the option of skipping right after 5 seconds of viewing. These ads also provide a call to action (CTA) command button, which helps the customer in taking a step to learn further about your business.
  • TrueView video discovery ads: These ads appear on top of search results and are usually 60+ seconds long. These are used if a business wants to convey a larger piece of information about itself.
  • Bumper ads: These are small, less than 6-second ads which non-skippable and appear before a video plays. These are usually performed to reinforce a campaign and remind the customer of the business and branding.

Creating a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign

First, you’ll need to upload the ad video to your YouTube channel.

A lot of things are to be kept in mind while creating a campaign. The selection of locations is essential. A business should decide which area to target and display ads across. It would be a waste if the location range is too broad and is of no use to your business.

A catchy name ensures that your ad stays in the mind of clients. The start and stop of the campaign should also be decided strategically. Demographics also play a vital role. You should narrow down to age range you would like to show your ad to; for example, if the purpose of your ads is to engage 25-26-year-olds but are also viewed by 60+ years olds, then it is just a waste of efforts.

Keywords are also crucial. You can target audiences based on the keywords you use on YouTube. The keywords you use can be compared with the keywords used by clients, and the ads can thus be shown to them. Client’s who are already looking for the things you offer will quickly be attracted to your business.

Making the Most of YouTube Advertisement

As a general rule of thumb, the more you spend time working on your YouTube campaign, the more likely it is going to work. Most of the time, the reason why YouTube ad campaigns fail Is that they are not thoroughly looked after.

A business should have a close eye on the number of clicks, conversions, drop-offs, etcetera. For a new video campaign, you should be checking up on the account at least three times per day and keeping an eye on view durations, clicks, and view-through conversions. These are essential indicators of a video ad’s performance.

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